Alexandre Anzo

Creative director Val-de-Marne, France


As a creative transverse consulting Director and a design thinking supporter, I am an international brand, product & service strategic design & communication specialist. I enjoy working on innovative experience for people in the digital era.

Practicing marketing, communication, branding and design, is like cooking : to succeed, it is necessary to have your own tools, good ingredients, good quality and in good quantity, to use them in the appropriate order, with dexterity, experience, talent if possible, but above all : the pleasure to give to the others, and no recipe.


2 ans

Communications & Design Director


  |   PARIS 15EME (75015)

décembre 2013 à janvier 2016

8 ans

Managing & Creative Director


  |   PARIS 14EME (75014)

janvier 2006 à décembre 2013

6 ans

Studio Manager

GM Design

  |   PARIS 7EME (75007)

août 2000 à novembre 2006

5 ans



septembre 1995 à juin 2000

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