Dmitry Chernysh

Maquettiste Hauts-de-Seine, France



My name is Dmitry. I come from Kiev, Ukraine, currently live in Paris.

I am a self-taught lettering artist and layout designer. I draw letters, words, phrases and logos that are a pleasure to look at. I also create and prepress books, magazines and menus that are a pleasure to read.

I specialise on chalkboards and brush pens. I love and study calligraphy and type design, that’s why my text and letterforms are always accurate in detail and mood.

I work in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, on sheets of paper and chalk walls. I prefer to do everything from scratch: draw letterforms for logos, develop layouts and grids for posters and catalogues. I may miss the deadline, but will never sacrifice quality.


7 ans


Travailleur Indépendant

janvier 2013 à maintenant

2 mois


Brave Branding

juin 2015 à août 2015

6 mois


Maison d?e?dition « N »

juin 2014 à décembre 2014

15 mois


PAN Publishing

février 2013 à mai 2014

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